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SneakerSkinz™ is a easy to use DIY sneaker customizing system. That was developed so that anyone and everyone could customize their own sneakers without spending hundreds of dollars to do so.

With the Sneakerskinz™ Customizing System you can Mix and Match the 3 different designer sheets included in each theme to change the look of your kicks as often as you like. Every MONTH, WEEK or every DAY!
 Weather your refreshing up an old pair of sneakers or simply just making a new pair look cooler its not hard to do! Customizing and decorating your shoes is a snap with this customizing system.
In just 3 simple steps (1.Trace, 2. Cut, 3.Customize) you can customize your kicks and create your own unique look within minutes. There are no art skills required. If you know how to trace and cut with a pair of scissors you too can customize your shoes like a pro!

Sneakerskiz Customizing System

 Create Your Own Wearable Art

See for yourself how easy it is to use.

Customize your kicks today!

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